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[Project] Tepidis Villa – The Sims 3

[Project] Tepidis Villa

Resident for The Sims 3

This is my other project after Sohsah and Espado….

I’m building this for the Rayner Family, their new house after a long time they had worked and worked to live….

Now they have two sons that Anthony Milachesi Rayner (20 years old) and Ivano Milachesi Rayner (16 years old), I still think that the Rayner should have more 2 babies…

Hehe, now Anthony had girlfriend, Jennifer – and Ivano had a girlfriend too, Luliet…..

Now this is my present for them….

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The Rayner Family Diary – Part 2

The Rayner Family Diary

  • Daddy: Jeremy Rayner
  • Mommy: Jacqueline Rayner
  • Son: Anthony Rayner
  • Second Son: Ivano Rayner

The Rayner Family – Week 2
[Play without cheat ]

Fund: $5,730 ~> Now $19,230

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Espado Sea – New Design House

Espado Sea

You should know about this Espado project. I have built this house for Anthony Milachesi Rayner in The Ray Family Diary and Jennifer – his future wife…..

What aya think about my first editor video ^o^….

See more pictures here.

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[Project]Espado Sea – 5th produce

Espado Sea Project  – 5th produce

Okey, this is my second project…..after Sohsah Project…

Actually, I wanna build in the bigger lot like 40×40, but I still think I didn’t prepare for a larger lot, so I decide I will build an another house with 20×30 lot….

So this is my respond for that…..I haven’t placed the objects yet…

At first, I choose the modern style, but I’m so random…

Who knows It will be how… haha

I think I will finish this produce at night today or morning tomorrow, maybe …

At this time, I’m very busy because of studying …


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The Rayner Family Diary

The Rayner Family Diary

  • Daddy: Jeremy Rayner
  • Mommy: Jacqueline Rayner
  • Son: Anthony Rayner
  • (expert “try for baby” add one more kid in the family )

The Rayner Family – Week 1
[Play without cheat ]
Daddy: Jeremy Rayner – Job: Law Enforcement
Mommy: Jacqueline Rayner – Job: Business
Son: Anthony Rayner – Student Grade A

$19,800 => Buy a empty lot cost $2,300 =>Complete building the house,  their money have had $200 =>And the family find a job and work then they earned $7,230 => And Anthony bought book cost $1,500 =>Now $5,730. ))

Mommy have to work in French, but the Visa for 3 people cost $3,100 too expensive, they can go to French later

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