Espado Sea – New Design House

Espado Sea

You should know about this Espado project. I have built this house for Anthony Milachesi Rayner in The Ray Family Diary and Jennifer – his future wife…..

What aya think about my first editor video ^o^….

See more pictures here.

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6 thoughts on “Espado Sea – New Design House

  1. oka

    That’s awesome!!!
    which sims are required to play with that house?
    is sims 3 original(base game) can use that building?
    thank you!!!!

    • Thank you for loving my produce ^o^
      My computer has full of The Sims 3 current time
      So I think This house need World Adventure, Generations and Late Night, maybe ;). But you can try install it with only Sims 3 base game…I think It’ll work!
      You can contact me follow if you need to be support…

  2. I love ur house so mush:x U know i think this is one of the best houses I’ve ever seen before:) Luv it:”>

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  4. Johanna

    Good, i wonder when i can build a house with proper structure…
    I like the house.

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