[Meshing]Bedroom interior design 01

[Meshing]  Bedroom Interior Design – 01

Okay, I have hidden away for awhile.
Moving up to university took me a lots of time to prepare @.@” and busy with my own relationship, so I have no time for updating my blog 😦 Sorry 😛
Luckily, I found that my spare time today, is for this … *up there the title <3*

I’ve been making this creation for 1 years, then I droped it due to my final examination, then now I keep running this project once again..

One of my friend sent me a picture to requested me the meshing (for The Sims 3 of course), just take a look, it haven’t finished yet but will some day I hope =] *Hope my laziness doesn’t bother me*…

Texture step’s still incomplete, so I just took colours to recognise those meshes.. I’m on my way ❤

Here is the real design

And here is my product =] terrible :-s

I love this vase =]

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3 thoughts on “[Meshing]Bedroom interior design 01

  1. Amazing !
    I love it in game Moon.
    Thanks sis

  2. kevjnjohnson

    Cool Mo ❤ it

  3. Johanna

    * high five *

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