About Me

Hello, I’m Memory Moon
I’m a simmer, I have play The Sims since The Sims 1 then The Sims 2 and now The Sims 3.
This is the first time I have created my own blog
I have my own website about community for V-Simmer at VietNam
But I made this blog for my own little place, a Land called Memory, the place I can be myself not an administrator – it scared me!
Now I will introduce myself with a little hobbies if you care

Name: Memory Moon
Nickname: Mo – MoMo God
Age: 16
B.O.D: 23-9-1994
From: Vietnam
Gender: Female
Contact Me

Gmail: memorysonate@gmail.com (recommend)
Yahoo Mail: dead_memory_2309@yahoo.com
MSN: memorymoon2309@hotmail.com
Y!m:  dead_memory_2309

About me
My hobbies: Oh right, this is very a long list
    1. I love books, so I love reading novels, love stories, science books, ART books – I’m really love ART and I’m an artist – do you believe this :bbhuyt: I love art and I read and research all about art, and my legend is Leonardo Da Vinci, Bernini, Galileo, Illuminati (The Illuminati – secretest group in the history) and Syon monastery,….. very a lot great men that I adored. :kiuquaa: I read a lot of books like: Angles and Demons – Davinci Code – Lost Symbol – Wuthering Heights – Twilight – New moon – Eclipse – Breaking Dawn – Darren Shan – Demonata – Love Novels of China – Maya Code – PS.I love you – blah blah blah…… and it’s all awesome – you should find one to read!
    2. Secondly, of course I love The Sims all 3 version. And Will Wright – The father of The sims – I adored him so much. No words can describe his talent and his creative.
    3. When I played The Sims, it lead me to the art and I found guide – tut about 3D to create my own meshing, create my own style own life. So I loved 3D modeling although I’m very lazy to create carefully, of course meshing I’m very careful to be create but I’m lazy at the texture step – maybe when I done the meshing I feel tired then I’m careless maybe….Anyway I still love creating:kngaingung:
    4. I can use expert Photoshop,  and now I developed my 3D modeling to when it’s perfect, I’m using 3Ds Max and Autodesk Maya – 2 favorite software.
    5. Hmmm, I kinda love painting – of course because I’m an artist:khuba:, I like watching movie specially HBO – Star movie – Disney Channel – Discovery and Animal Planet – that’s all my favorite channels.
    6.  Actually, I think I can stop here, LOL you know that enough about me:ovui: 
My dream: I just wanna fly faraway, I’m an artist and I just wanna to be freedom and enjoy the life, do my favorite work and find someone who interesting with my hobbies to discuss about anythings we like…..And I wish I could be the graphic designer, a game developing, a webmaster, An important thing that I can live and do what I really want to do!
What’s my precept: Live to they know who you are – Live for your dream – Live is an art – And be dead as an artist!
Okey, That’s enough for introducing myself…What about you? and what do you think about me?? :bbbye:

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. thanhdt

    chị có thể xây cho em 1 căn nhà trong bản the sim2 base game đc không

  2. Johanna (Jojo can also)

    uh hum, nice profile, i adore ur writing, mine so terrible…
    A. yep, me too, i read most of them too, minus those after Breaking Dawn, lol too lazy to search
    B. Ah…. so bad, although i heard about them so much, but i cant try sims 1 and 2 until finally, i have my own com, that when the sims 3 release LOL, so, now im in sims 3 too. But just recently, the past year so busy, hm hm hm…
    C. i love ART and enjoy them so much, but now i just start on ‘study’ the guildes, and i really like ur taste, too, we re 2 years apart in ages, but MUCH in this ‘sims art’ part/
    D. Wa wa wa, i think must buy some photoshop books too….
    E. Yeye, ur an artist. Duh, those are mine fav too, plus AXN (oyyy, CSI rule!).
    F. LOL
    Ohhh…. I love art too, but my dream is to help others, so i kinda want to be a doctor or a teacher, but art in free time absolutely wonderful, not so good in writing (u can see), i prefer cross stitch and painting, and search, and see those brilliant photoshop pics or sims pose hahaha.
    Hm… im a normal one, adore art, but not skillful enough to be an artist, not regret this part though lol

  3. Johanna

    A. ye, i read most of them too, except the part after BDawn, so lazy to search lol
    B. Uhm… though i heard about them, but i cant try sims 1 and 2 until a year ago, when the sims 3 have on lol. I love this game so much that it the only 1 offline big game in my folder.
    C. Ah…. i like ur creations and taste in art.i just start read those guild, so lazy ar… but i will try, for my own path of gameplay. And im somehow super extremist, i will spend time on 3d, much, i guess…
    D. …, im writing some note to buy a photoshop guide book…
    E. Duh, those were mine fav too (now im kinda spent more time on net than tv lol), plus AXN.
    F. LOL
    Uhm… i love art, but i have my own dream, so can only be ‘a person adore art’ on free time lol, but good that i can follow and see other’s pics. And, im not skillful enough for now, need practice LOL
    I love handwriting, cross stitch, and painting lol, not really good in writing… OK, such ironic, i have fine handwriting, but im not good in writitng…
    I think u are an true artist, ur passionate and skills. And important, ur dream and ur point of view huh…
    Good job and Good luck Mo.

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