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[Meshing]Bedroom interior design 01

[Meshing]  Bedroom Interior Design – 01

Okay, I have hidden away for awhile.
Moving up to university took me a lots of time to prepare @.@” and busy with my own relationship, so I have no time for updating my blog 😦 Sorry 😛
Luckily, I found that my spare time today, is for this … *up there the title <3*

I’ve been making this creation for 1 years, then I droped it due to my final examination, then now I keep running this project once again..

One of my friend sent me a picture to requested me the meshing (for The Sims 3 of course), just take a look, it haven’t finished yet but will some day I hope =] *Hope my laziness doesn’t bother me*…

Texture step’s still incomplete, so I just took colours to recognise those meshes.. I’m on my way ❤

Here is the real design

And here is my product =] terrible :-s

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The Rayner Family Diary – Week 3

The Rayner Family 

IS BACK!!!!!!

Wow… Finally I’ve graduated from high school and keep moving up to university \m/
At this time, I’ll be back with this diary The Rayner Family…
A good news for me is I got my new laptop :X:X:X totally awesome ~… Continue my destiny with The sims… XD

As you know, with previous 2 weeks, our Rayner household was earning their life.. They worked hard, they try their best to let their childrens have good conditions to studied..

Day after day,

  • Now Jacqueline – is a Power Broker at a building in Sunset Valley *She is now a successfull woman*
  • Jeremy – at the first diary he was in Political career, but then another Medicine realized his invisible talent, they invited him and right the way he took the chance, he is now a World Renowned Surgeon – *Life is full of suprise things..*
  • What about Anthony – the eldest son, when he was going to school everyday, he got a part time job – Writer, he worked for a manufacturer about novels in town, he helped his family about fund a lots…. And now he grew up as an adult, with his full skill of writing, he applied to journalism career to develope his dream.
  • Oh don’t forget about Ivano, last time we met him since he was a kid, now how is he going? He is a teenage now of course – gangster boy *not like his brother*.. Although he’s more lucky than his brother about conditions, he still has his own ambition, got a part time job at Film career…not bad!

Now take a look how they changed, and how are they going now…

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Zeus – Another Empire increasing Economic

Another Empire increasing


After searching and trying, now I know clearly the way this game runs, and it’s fantastic.. If you like playing simulation, you can’t skip this game.

Some information:

PIII 500 Mhz
Ram 128 hay 256

Zeus is a major improvement for Impressions’ line of city-building games, and it’s a significant advancement for city-building games in general.

Zeus: Master of Olympus follows in the same tradition as Impressions’ other real-time city-building games, including Pharaoh and the Caesar series. These games combine the urban-management elements of Maxis’ SimCity along with the colonial and imperial objectives of Blue Byte’s Settlers games. Yet although Zeus is similar to its predecessors, it offers numerous enhancements and improvements that make it a much better game. These include features and options reminiscent of Ensemble’s Age of Empires real-time strategy games as well as MicroProse’s classic Civilization series. As a result, Zeus plays like a best-of-all-worlds combination of some of the greatest strategy games ever.

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Zeus Game – Mo Legend Empire


Have returned the memory…A famous game in 2002 belong to Microsoft Game.

Fantastic gameplay, I created my own city, always interesting with simulation game :)… I spent 4 hours to built this…. Take a look with my pics :”>

I built a place for Aphrodite then Athena, ‘m building Determine or Artemis @@”… awesome gods =]

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My The Sims 3 Pets ^_^

My The Sims 3 Pets ^_^

Experiencing a stressful semester, this is the first time I was in The Sims 3 like this with all of my free time =”= … especially The Sims 3 Pets was available : X: X: X So awesome :X:X:X

I have created another household and tested new functions of The Sims 3 Pets @@…I think It’s really cool \m/….so I have taken some pictures :X:X:X

Wanna check it ^o^!

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The Rayner Family Diary – Part 2

The Rayner Family Diary

  • Daddy: Jeremy Rayner
  • Mommy: Jacqueline Rayner
  • Son: Anthony Rayner
  • Second Son: Ivano Rayner

The Rayner Family – Week 2
[Play without cheat ]

Fund: $5,730 ~> Now $19,230

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The Rayner Family Diary

The Rayner Family Diary

  • Daddy: Jeremy Rayner
  • Mommy: Jacqueline Rayner
  • Son: Anthony Rayner
  • (expert “try for baby” add one more kid in the family )

The Rayner Family – Week 1
[Play without cheat ]
Daddy: Jeremy Rayner – Job: Law Enforcement
Mommy: Jacqueline Rayner – Job: Business
Son: Anthony Rayner – Student Grade A

$19,800 => Buy a empty lot cost $2,300 =>Complete building the house,  their money have had $200 =>And the family find a job and work then they earned $7,230 => And Anthony bought book cost $1,500 =>Now $5,730. ))

Mommy have to work in French, but the Visa for 3 people cost $3,100 too expensive, they can go to French later

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