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The Rayner Family Diary – Week 3

The Rayner Family 

IS BACK!!!!!!

Wow… Finally I’ve graduated from high school and keep moving up to university \m/
At this time, I’ll be back with this diary The Rayner Family…
A good news for me is I got my new laptop :X:X:X totally awesome ~… Continue my destiny with The sims… XD

As you know, with previous 2 weeks, our Rayner household was earning their life.. They worked hard, they try their best to let their childrens have good conditions to studied..

Day after day,

  • Now Jacqueline – is a Power Broker at a building in Sunset Valley *She is now a successfull woman*
  • Jeremy – at the first diary he was in Political career, but then another Medicine realized his invisible talent, they invited him and right the way he took the chance, he is now a World Renowned Surgeon – *Life is full of suprise things..*
  • What about Anthony – the eldest son, when he was going to school everyday, he got a part time job – Writer, he worked for a manufacturer about novels in town, he helped his family about fund a lots…. And now he grew up as an adult, with his full skill of writing, he applied to journalism career to develope his dream.
  • Oh don’t forget about Ivano, last time we met him since he was a kid, now how is he going? He is a teenage now of course – gangster boy *not like his brother*.. Although he’s more lucky than his brother about conditions, he still has his own ambition, got a part time job at Film career…not bad!

Now take a look how they changed, and how are they going now…

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My The Sims 3 Pets ^_^

My The Sims 3 Pets ^_^

Experiencing a stressful semester, this is the first time I was in The Sims 3 like this with all of my free time =”= … especially The Sims 3 Pets was available : X: X: X So awesome :X:X:X

I have created another household and tested new functions of The Sims 3 Pets @@…I think It’s really cool \m/….so I have taken some pictures :X:X:X

Wanna check it ^o^!

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The Rayner Family Diary – Part 2

The Rayner Family Diary

  • Daddy: Jeremy Rayner
  • Mommy: Jacqueline Rayner
  • Son: Anthony Rayner
  • Second Son: Ivano Rayner

The Rayner Family – Week 2
[Play without cheat ]

Fund: $5,730 ~> Now $19,230

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Espado Sea – New Design House

Espado Sea

You should know about this Espado project. I have built this house for Anthony Milachesi Rayner in The Ray Family Diary and Jennifer – his future wife…..

What aya think about my first editor video ^o^….

See more pictures here.

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Resident SohSah Zio – The Sims 3

SohSah Zio

Okey, like you know that I have a SohSah Project 

And now I have finished it, It changed too much, just take a look to guest that are you like this house.

Wanna get more lager picture go here

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[Project] Sohsah Project – Resident The Sims 3

Sohsah Project


The Project done. You can find the complete Sohsah and the link download here.

Today, I have fixed my computer and I have installed my The Sims 3 with some programs and software. big grin

It’s so excited and I decided to run the game after installing custom contents. raised eyebrows

Actually my style is classic and free style nerd, I build the style in The Sims 3 so Random from creating cloths – meshing – playing and building …. everything is so random, I’m random type . winking

This time I try to build a modern house, modern style and I hope I will do my best – because when I try to do something follow the instruction – I’m sooooooo bad rolling eyes I can’t do anything when I was forced and It’s not good for my spirit, I will lose my inspiration and can do nothing…. time out

But I think I will try to do my best this time.

This is my first project, Sohsah Project loser and I name this house is “Sohsah Zio” – and It’s so random tongue. Here some photos that I have captured in my game.

I just built the structure and garden, not yet built the furniture.

I will upload it and attach file when I done the project. love struck

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Modern White Sofa for The Sims 3

Expected to make a living room set but I’m too lazy to do so this is only one sofa mesh.
If I’m free, I will make an interior set.

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